Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Music matters greatly with every wedding. This does not only apply for the dance party. Also the music for the wedding ceremony can be arranged according to your specific ideas and liking.

There are various moments during the wedding ceremony that are traditionally graced by music, each with its own atmosphere and emotion:

  • as the guests take their seats (prelude)
  • as the groom enters
  • as the bride enters (procession)
  • as the certificate is signed (ceremony)
  • as the bridal couple leaves (recession)
  • as the guests leave (postlude)

Also other moments can be considered where music can play a role; Maybe you would like to carry out a ritual together – light candles, for example – in remembrance of a lost dear one and have a meaningful song played meanwhile.
Or bring an ode to the father of the bride who gives away his daughter.
Or maybe you’d like to surprise your guests with a song that tells the story of your relationship. Anything is possible.

Live musicians


A Spanish guitarist is the perfect way to add a touch of Spain to your ceremony.

For many there is nothing more romantic than to have live music during the ceremony. What about a Spanish guitar player strumming the snares of his instrument under an olive tree. Or a classical ensemble striking their violins and chello to welcome the bride… SKYFLY can arrange for a broad range of musicians to make this a fairy tale ceremony.

Your personal wedding song

personal wedding song

Brenda Bee composes a personal wedding song for you.

We can even offer a very gifted singer/songwriter that will compose and perform a wedding song custom made for you! Based on your story, your history together and your dreams for the future!

Wedding entertainment

SKYFLY has well over twenty years’ of experience in providing music during weddings. Whether you choose a festive, romantic or official ceremony, SKYFLY knows what is music is required to create the right atmosphere and we love to help you with this. Because not every song is suitable for every part of the ceremony.
Next to the above, SKYFLY can also arrange for the right sound system and microphones to assure that all of your guests can hear perfectly well all that is being said.

In accordance to your wishes, we prepare the music and the sound system for the ceremony and, subsequently, all will be arranged to the tiniest detail.
SKYFLY understands that the wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments in your life and we provide the quality that matches that.

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