The “Yes, I do” has been said. You are now officially husband and wife. Congratulations! Now it is time to cut the wedding cake, to receive congratulations and presents and to toast with relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances. What is more suitable for this than a reception?

No dull reception

Receptions are allegedly a bit stiff and dull. But is does not have to be that way. A wedding reception can be made as special and festive as you want it to be. SKYFLY can help you with that.
Would you opt for a traditional reception, during which you – and maybe your parents – receive congratulations? Then it is nice to have festive background music played. Or would you opt for a more informal setting, where you yourself wonder off to thank all guests for their attending? Smartly selected music brings everybody together in a relaxed atmosphere. Music also gives you the opportunity to announce and highlight special moments, for example the opening of the buffet or the cutting of the cake.

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