SNAPPSHOT, social party pictures

SNAPPSHOT, social party pictures

Think of a photo booth and disposable camera’s, done better

Disposable cameras at parties are of course a little outdated, and yet many bridal couples like their guests to take pictures of the wedding party themselves, to capture those fun moments that the professional photographer missed.
A photo booth is another much requested option to get spontaneous and fun pictures of the party. Having it both might be a little too much, though.
How nice would it be if this could all be merged into one contemporary service?

New in Spain

With SNAPPSHOT, SKYFLY Spain introduces a unique new service that combines the best of disposable cameras and photo booths, and more!

SNAPPSHOT gives your guests the opportunity to take pictures with their own smartphone, which can then be viewed directly on a large TV screen. During the event a scrolling timeline of party pictures and their comments, will constantly show all the pictures your guests took.
The next day,  you as the host will receive all the photos, so you can decide which photos are published on social media or elsewhere and which ones stay in the private collection.

The price of this unique service: only 95 euros!
This is exclusive TV screen, but of course that is already in the big SKYFLY DJ Shows or is available for rent separately.

The SnappShot service is also available for anybody who is organizing an event in Spain. Contact us directly to learn how easy it is to host your own SnappShot event or to arrange it for your clients.

>>> Watch this video to see how it works <<<

  • Hamish & Kaniz wedding 2017 (Photo by Evergreen -
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