Theme parties

An original theme party can be very fun. But unfortunately, you see all too often a hit-or-miss approach, and the party will almost certainly fail. Such an approach can be recognized from afar: a not-quite-DJ who puts a corny translation of the theme into his music choice. Cheap decoration to which no love and attention has been paid or that actually clashes with the chosen theme.

SKYFLY takes theme parties very seriously. We arrange for a event in which everything is geared into detail.

  • sophisticated choice of music from our DJ – complemented by live music, should you wish – which does justice to the theme
  • qualitative decoration of the party venue with love for detail
  • a bold show your visitors which will surprise your visitors
  • if desired: high-quality special effects that fit the theme

We like to think about all the ins-and-outs that are involved in organizing a successful theme party. We like to think out-of-the-box. So, whether you choose a standard theme – tropical, après ski, white, or [insert choice here] – or you are going for a theme that has not been done before, SKYFLY can arrange it for you. From concept to planning to execution: we have years of experience in organizing the very small to the very big – but always qualitatively high standard- celebrations. Take a look around our site for more information or contact us: we are already to plan your theme party with you.

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