Gala party

A gala party: formerly this was a fancy party with the dress code ‘white tie’ – the men in tails and the ladies in long evening dress – surrounded with elaborate etiquette that dictated how men and women ought to behave.

Today a gala party is usually a party where everyone just looks well-dressed: the men in suits and ladies in dresses. Whatever the case – whether the dress code is ‘black tie’, ‘white tie’ or ‘dress to impress’ – your gala evening only gets really festive if you engage’s Drive-in show.

With the drive-in show, we guarantee a stylish gala never to forget:

  • experienced DJs, who unerringly sense the wishes of young and old
  • an attractive light show
  • good atmosphere and  – last but not least – a packed dance floor

Your wishes are in the spotlight

Do you have any additional wishes? Live musicians that, if you want, play along with the DJ? We can take care of that. Would you like to make use of additional elements for your gala atmosphere, such as LED columns or an illuminated dance floor? All possible. Or maybe kick off the evening with spectacular special effects? We’ll arrange it! Take a look around on our website or contact us.


Premium DJ Shows
High Quality Service
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