The SKYFLY Walking DJ is specifically developed for weddings but is also very suitable for corporate events, receptions, cocktail party’s and private party’s.

Imagine that the music during a wedding ceremony is being controlled from a small stylish DJ booth. No visible speakers and no wires, only a crispy clear sound to fully enjoy the ceremony. Then the DJ walks along with the guests when they move to the cocktail area, while appropriate music is being played from the mobile DJ booth.

During the reception and during diner time, the DJ is always there where needed and will play the desired background music, without having to carry around, rearrange or set up anything.

With the build-in wireless microphone, speeches can easily be heard by all guests.

And when the time has come for the dance party, the SKYFLY Walking DJ booth is rolled onto the dance floor and can eventually be extended with extra speakers and lighting effects to create a wonderful dynamic party ambiance.

In short, the SKYFLY Walking DJ is a very flexible all-in-one solution for (wedding) parties and will eliminate the distance between guests and DJ. The DJ becomes one of the guests, as it were.

What is included?

  • Our beautiful all-white SKYFLY Walking DJ Booth
    • A build-in high quality sound system
    • A build-in wireless microphone
    • Build-in dynamic LED lighting

The SKYFLY Walking DJ can optionally be extended with extra speaker(s) and lighting effects to be converted into a full disco show.

Who is it for?

This option is perfect for weddings, small (corporate) events, cocktail receptions and lounge sets.
It is especially useful in situations where a strict sound level policy is applied. When you are no longer permitted to play music outside, the SKYFLY Walking DJ can easily be rolled in to continue partying. This would otherwise require a complete tear down and set up of the DJ booth, or the rental of a second DJ booth to be set up inside. In most situations, these are both unrealistic options. With the SKYFLY Walking DJ the music can continue to play while moving the party indoors!

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