All-Day Wedding DJ Package

No worries about music and entertainment

Why would you need an all-day wedding DJ?

Without a doubt, when thinking about a wedding DJ, you think of a dance floor filled with dancing people. But a wedding DJ can do so much more than ‘just’ provide for a wonderful dance party. There are good reasons to have him involved in other parts of you wedding day as well. That is why we offer the SKYFLY All-Day Wedding DJ Package.

Unless you choose to be a little out-of-the-ordinary, a typical wedding day consists of the following elements:

Music often plays an important role in all of these parts. For sure, you like to have a special song played when the bride walks down the aisle, either by live musicians or by a wedding DJ.

Technical support and operation

Next to that, it is highly recommended to use a microphone for the speeches of the officiant and others. Especially when the ceremony takes place outdoors. It ensures that all of your guest will be able to hear every word being spoken and it helps the speechers to speak without having to raise their voice. This creates an intimate atmosphere during the ceremony. The same applies for speeches during diner.
To accomplish this, you need the services of a dedicated professional to setup and operate the sound system during ceremony and diner. It is very well possible to hire a specialised company for the job, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier and cost effective to have the DJ do this for you?

The SKYFLY All-Day Wedding DJ Package covers everything from music and sound support for the wedding ceremony, background music during reception and diner, and the party music and lighting effects, until the very last dance. We also arrange for live musicians to perform during any of these sections. Think of it as hiring your own music and entertainment coordinator.

The SKYFLY All-Day Wedding DJ Package comprises of:

  • Sound system for ceremony, including:
    • Speaker(s)
    • Mixer
    • Wireless Microphone
  • DJ show for after diner party, including:
    • All-white SKYFLY Luxury or Exclusive DJ show with 55″ screen, LED pillars and moving heads.
    • All- white professional 4 x 400 Watt sound system, sufficient for more than 200 people indoors and 150 people outdoors.
    • Hazer
  • 10 hours of DJ service and technical attendance (extra hours: 50€)
  • 2 hours or 100km of transportation (return trip) (extra km: 0,5€/km)

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