Confetti en streamers

Confetti en streamers

Party Starter

Starting the party with a bang or, rather, ending it with a crackle? This is possible with confetti and streamers. With a loud bang you will definitely get the party going at once or, if you prefer, end with a climax.


Confetti enormously contributes to the fun. We can arrange for confetti bursts in different ways: large-scale and meticulously timed with confetti blowers from the stage or rather by small hand-held confetti shooters that have been handed out to the guests. Do you want special shapes like little hearts, flowers or butterflies? That can also be arranged.


In some locations ‘normal’ confetti is no longer allowed. Then (wide) streamers are a beautiful alternative. Coloured strips of paper shoot through the air and can be cleared away after the event very easily.

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